Week 7: Serial Communication, Processing and p5.js

Up to this point we have been using sensor inputs to control other physical components, but today we will look at how we can use the data from physical sensors to effect screen-based graphics. To do this we will be using serial communication to send data from a sensor, through the Arduino and into another programming framework like Processing or p5js. We will also look at how to control physical components like LED’s, motors and speakers using a digital interface like a website.

Serial Control Application Download
Serial Port Library for p5js

Lecture Video


  • Serial write with just Arduino. Git ➔
  • Using Processing and serial read/write with Arduino. Git ➔
  • Serial communication via a website using p5js and web sockets. Git ➔

Lecture and Lab Slides

In Class Assignment/Homework

Play around with serial communication with Arduino and Processing/p5js. Continue to work on your midterm project idea.

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