Week 5: Digital and Analog Review

This week will be a review of the last two weeks covering digital and analog input and output using the Arduino.


  • Digital In and Digital Out (Toggle Switch and LED) Git ➔
  • Analog In and Analog Out (Potentiometer and LED) Git ➔
  • Servo motors
  • DC Motor and H-Bridge Git ➔
  • Octocoupler and Digital Switch Git ➔
  • Controlling AC Power with Relays
  • Connecting components using wire wrapping, screw terminals and soldering techniques.

Lecture and Lab Slides

Lecture Video

In Class Assignment/Homework

Start brain storming and sketching ideas for your midterm project. Think about what sensors and components you want to use as well as how you want people to interact with it. Check out the past student projects for inspiration.